PR Interview Tips for Your Brand Growth

PR Interview Tips for Your Brand Growth

So you’ve started building your brand. Let’s say, you’ve been following the ultimate advice of being omniscient and present…And you’re already being noticed…Then someone within your network realizes how amazing you are…

And finally, they reached out to you and said, you’re a perfect fit for their show…or their podcast…or their blog… but now you have zero idea how to nail this and so you’re here looking for some PR interview tips…

What should you do?

Do you have to prepare anything?

How can you even use that media appearance to your advantage?

Don’t worry! I’ve got you 😉

Well, you’ve stumbled in the right post today.

I’ll be giving you practical PR Interview Tips that will help you

Maximize the interview and still ADD VALUE to their audience.

There is a way for you to milk and maximize that interview.

I know it sounds bad, but hey, I’m all here to tell you the truth.

Keep in mind that showing up, doesn’t only mean publishing on your own channel, it also means, you show up in the right channels.

If you are new to the PR game, the idea of having an interview can be nerve-wracking. It’s a challenge going through the process of interviews. And chances are, you have no idea what not to say in a media interview. And for the most part, you are looking for some PR interview tips and media interview best practices.

So let’s start by knowing…


I don’t know if you’ve thought about it, but interviews always serve a purpose. And if you have no idea why you should get into one, then it’s better not going on a conversation at all.

But since you MUST GO to one, you have to understand why you have to do it.

There are two reasons why you need to have an interview.

  • To Amplify your branding
  • To drive more traffic to your brand

First of all, a brand isn’t complete if it isn’t shown. This means that you need every bit of positive exposure you can get. Interviews are one of the best ways to do that. Because in an interview, you get to show your…

  • personality
  • expertise
  • story

Interviews are a great way to get positive attention that you need. As much as possible, you have to place some priority to do these interviews.

Also, you need people to go to your online assets and profiles. Once you’ve got the awareness from the audience, you need to drive traffic to your…

  • social media accounts
  • websites
  • other instances of online presence

People becoming aware of your brand isn’t enough. You need to form a relationship with them. No doubt that you can’t speak to them . This is where your online assets and profiles come in. The content you create in these accounts will amplify your message. , this will not only build up your brand. It will also show you the authority that your audience needs.

Now that you know that let’s look at…


One beautiful day, your phone rings, and you answer. After some pleasantries, the voice on the other line tells you,

“You know what, I called you because the podcast was producing wants you to guest next week. Is it alright if we included you on this lineup? And can you tell us what talking points to include?”

Now assuming that you’re starting out, this leaves you with two feelings. The first is a feeling of happiness. Finally, you’re being noticed! This could be your next break.

But since you’re new to this, you then get that feeling of uncertainty. Why? Because Lord knows what you’re going to do next! You have so many questions, and you don’t know where to proceed.

And while we’re going to learn what to do next, let’s start first by knowing what the absolute worst thing to do. And that is to …


Why? Because if you agree to an interview, you won’t be able to create the right kind of talking points for it. Also, you won’t be able to maximize that guesting. So…

When someone invites you to be on a show, which could be an FB live, a podcast, or whatever, the first thing that you’re going to do is not to say, “yes we can talk about that.” Don’t agree right away. Because this shows that you are an amateur. The best thing to do is…


So how do you do that? Well, let’s look at …


Before confirming, the first thing you do is to ask for some time to check some items. In this way, you can then prepare for the interview.

Your preparation would have to include the following:

RECONNAISSANCE. You can’t agree to an interview without knowing who you’ll talk to. Think of this like a country going to war without the knowledge of the enemy. If that happens, they will always lose the war. Why? They missed out on important information gathering – reconnaissance.

In your information gathering, you should be able to know who is interviewing you. You need to understand who they are and their target audience. You need to know who this person is attracting and how they are perceived. This is important because it will help you in…

PREPARATION AND FRAMING. You’ve already gathered information on your interviewer and their audience. Now you have to prepare and frame your talk. And you do this by choosing something that will appeal and entice the audience.

This means looking at your brand strategy sheet or the list of topics that relate to your brand. Identify a topic that would strike the most to the audience of the person who invited you.

You can’t come up with something general! You have to frame your talking points so that it’s attractive to the listeners.

For example, in our PR work for our clients, we ask them to give us a summary of their origin story. This could include the following information:

  • where they came from
  • how they got to where they are
  • what’s their future plans

When it comes to telling your story for interviews, you can be selective. Do this by picking things that highlight the best of you during the interview. You have to pick it out and curate it. You have to curate the stuff in your origin story that will be appealing and relatable for the audience.

Once you have chosen a topic, you then have to create your…

When it comes to invites for interviews, you can be selective. This means choosing the things that you can highlight during the meeting. You have to pick it out and curate it. You have to curate the stuff in your origin story that will be appealing and enticing for the audience.

Once you have chosen a topic, you then have to create your…

OVERVIEW AND TALKING POINTS. You need to create an overview and three talking points. Give this to the person who invited you. Of course…

This should be short and sweet. You don’t want to overwhelm and bore your listeners. Remember that thing about skirts? It should be long enough to cover the subject matter and short enough to be interesting. Also…

Pick up the most enticing things that anchor your main content. The interview should show what you do and who you do it for. This means highlighting information related to what you do and how it will help people as much as possible.

Finally, you have to choose three things you can discuss that’s going to drive people to check you out even further.

Remember the two reasons to get an interview? Because if you fail at that, when you come unprepared, you’re going to screw it. You’re not going to maximize that media appearance. It’s not going to help you drive traffic. In the end, it’s going to fail your personal brand.

Keep in mind that anything posted online is forever unless deleted.

That being said, you can proceed to agree to the interview. Finally, your interview is a way to “sell yourself” to the audience. In which case, you have to realize …


Let’s say that you’re selling something. It could be your book, service, or products. Now, this is important. You’re going to tell a story that highlights the reason why you’re selling something.

Don’t sell it directly. That is hard-selling! You don’t want to be disrespectful to the person who invited you. And you’ve got to pay if that’s the case because that is blatant advertising. And there’s a significant chance that you might not ever be asked again for another interview.

You have to be subtle. After all, you are invited to another person’s network. When you highlight what you are selling through a story instead of a hard-sell, you provide entertainment, education, and enlightenment. And this will make help you will come back again for another interview.

Again, we realize that interviews are a vital part of our branding. So with what you’ve learned here, good luck and have a fun time with your interviews!

Is this you?

Is this you?

Have you ever felt so fired up to do and accomplish that one goal pero after a few setbacks nawalan ka ng gana for whatever reason?

You know you really want to get it…

But you just feel like you don’t have that much energy to pursue it…

You’re scared…

And have serious thoughts that maybe what you’ll do won’t make it anyway…

Well, tbh with you I felt the same exact feeling.

Like this blog thisismelp.com < this was freaking long overdue.

Bought about 50 domain names since 2015 and spent thousands of pesos for web themes, apps and shit.

But I launched the website a couple of weeks ago lang. 🙂

Oh diba ang tagal 4 years in the making.

I found out that it wasn’t just the things that were happening around me that affected me and stopped me from finishing what I’ve started…

It was something deeper…

A bad seed grew inside me and its roots were already stuck in my DNA.

I wasn’t aware of it at first.

Pero when I became aware of it BOOM!

I’m like this renewed female who by all means, a legitimate goal-getter.

Noong una medio shallow goals lang yung kaya ko iachieve pero now it’s something different and more fulfilling to the bones…

Yung masaya ako.

I want you to experience the same thing too.

Pero di na ako magpapaligoy-ligoy pa…

What I’m talking about is your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem has a lot to do with how you are being affected by the world right now, how you are reacting to the world right now, and most especially, how you evolve in this world.

Without understanding ano ba talaga yung hindrance ng fulfilling success na hinahanap mo, believe me, you’ll only fall into a cycle.

Motivated —

Nalungkot/Tinamaan ng Negativity —

Tinulog —

Tinamad —

Namotivate —


So, in my next few posts, I want to discuss and explore these things with you in detail plus I’ll also invite a field expert inside to help me help you.

Follow my Facebook Page so you don’t miss out on anything.

Keep in mind that all the things I’ll be discussing is a sequence so paakyat to





Then we’ll move to Upskilling>

Service Providing>

Transitioning into a Business>

Business Management>

Small Business to Millions>

Growing Financially>

Pay it forward ❤️

Sounds exciting?

I know! I’m excited too!

See you on my next post. ❤️

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The Go-Getters Guide To Making Money Online

The Go-Getters Guide To Making Money Online

I’ll prove to you that it is possible to make money online and out of thin air using your bare hands and brain.

Don’t worry though because it’s never too late to rewrite your current life even though you had a pretty rough start.

Now what I’m about to reveal to you might shock you and you might start thinking that almost all the people you know could be one of them… and yes that thought of yours could be right.

Continue reading if you want to switch careers and leave your current day job…

…or if you are penniless, can’t get a good-paying but easy job and in dire need of learning how to generate good money

…or if you are a lazy person who doesn’t want to work in a 9-5 job.

…or if you want to be able to travel and have a good life while earning enough to sustain your lavish lifestyle.

By the way, the last one described me.
You see…

I hated the fact that I was going away during nighttime to work and not be able to spend enough hours to bond with my kid.

I knew that I’m a person who is determined to do the easy but extraordinary to help me get what I want…

And I only wanted to have a simple life.

A simple life for me means when I go out, I don’t have to walk under the strike of that bright sun and get sweaty just to wait for a cab, jeep, bus or tricycle to get to where I want to be.

A simple life meant not having to worry about what my child is going to get from the shelves of supermarket aisles because heck, whatever amount shows in that POS I can pay anyway.

A simple life means eating wherever and whatever I wanted and not having to think about how much the bill would be.

I’m on my way to achieving that simple life.

And I’m here to share with you what I found out, that is helping me achieve the simple life.

Stop if you are a narcissistic psychopath who has the tendency to abuse such information.

Stop reading if you don’t know the difference between being honest versus lying.

Also if you are a person who has no intention of applying what you’re about to discover.

If you identified yourself as any of those I mentioned then please go away, this is not for you.

So how exactly do you start making money online in the most legitimate way?
Read, do as I say, take action and you’ll be surprised at how it becomes a total life-changer for you.

Soon, you’d be a walking money-making machine.
In return, you’ll have a more satisfying, happier and more prosperous life… …treasure this information…

…and you never have to worry about not getting “enough money” for your chosen lifestyle ever again.

Let’s begin.
Did you know that your most important assets are within you?

Not nurturing your God-given self-assets will make you lose a lot of opportunities. And I’m not referring to your sleeping, eating, drawing, dancing, or singing talent.

I’m talking about your 3 core self-assets.

Your first asset is your wisdom.

It’s your ability to understand complexity, logic and give sound judgments. It’s your intelligence and what you know based on experience, books you’ve read, and facts you are aware of.

Your second asset is your self-esteem.

It is the sense of your self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself.

Your third asset is your determination.

It’s your persistence and tenacity to pursue something. Things that will not only help you succeed but will also make you do things purposefully.

Not everyone has a 100% of all three I core assets, but there is a cure which I would talk about in a separate post.

But if you have all them at 100% then it only means that you’re ready to learn how to use them to your advantage.

So How to start making money online and out of thin air using your 3 core self-assets.

#1 Find out what is your unfair advantage.

Your wisdom is your unfair advantage. Knowing where you are good at and understanding how you can leverage it will take you miles.
It’s your unique intelligence and abilities only you own.
It could be a combination of two talents or more.

Still clueless on what could be your unique advantage? Or what the hell I’m talking about?

Here’s an example, let’s say you Mary is good in getting along with people and you loves connecting. Mary has the unique ability to make people say yes and agree to whatever she says. She never attended any training nor read books, at all. She just has that natural ability to build rapport. — that right there is her unique advantage.

We are all different. The example could be you or not. What’s important is that you are AWARE OF WHERE YOU ARE GOOD AT.

#2 Identify Your Possible Career Directions

Your wisdom has a work match, all you gotta do is look for it.
Start by understanding what problems you passionately want to solve.
Pains you want to ease. Or things that you want to improve.

Create a list of all the problems in the world that matter to you. Big or small, what things would you like to see improved?

Let’s go back to our example. Mary, who’s really good at convincing people feels compassion for people who are bad in sales. It’s her pet peeve when she sees someone who’s doing it badly in presentations. The feeling makes her want to jump in the conversation and do the presenter’s job.

What is the problem that Mary could solve in this situation?

An individual who doesn’t know how to deliver a persuasive presentation.

How can Mary solve the problem of not being able to deliver a persuasive presentation?

Mary can teach people in sales her ways on how to be persuasive during presentations.

#3 Combine your wisdom and passion

Start writing down the things you know you can do or your existing knowledge and combine it with your answers in #2. Put them together and it’ll give birth to your career path.

Put the Skill/Existing Knowledge + Passion = Birth of Your Career Path

Once you have discovered your Career Path, it’s time to confirm and look for demand.

In our example, let’s say Mary knows and can do the following:

  • Persuade people to agree with her during conversations
  • Knows a lot about finance, economics, trading and is really good in math
  • Loves being on camera and can project
  • Passionate in helping sales agents

By looking at Mary’s qualities what could be her career path?

A sales trainer in the field of insurance or investment selling. She can also start teaching people online through course platforms.

#4 Qualify if your identified market is profitable.

Do you think Mary can sell her newfound career path to people in need?

Well, the information you see online are there for a reason.
High-rated or high reviewed books, courses, and any other kinds of products are there of a reason.

All you have to do is a little market research and go to your best friend: Google

  1. Do the reverse strategy. What keywords would a person in need of Mary’s services be looking for online?
  2. Affiliate Networks. The more products being sold the more demand is in there. Are there books related to Mary’s services?
  3. Check out if there is a title under the Dummies Guide book collection. If they have it there then it’s a wildly profitable market. They won’t publish a whole book without any reason.

Tip: Replicate what has been done successfully.

Once you’ve validated that your identified market is indeed profitable, the next step is all about leg work.
This part is crucial.

All the discovery and conceptualization sounds sexy and exciting but the next step is where most people stop.

I hope you are not one of them. If you are in it to win it, like me you are determined to achieve that simple life then continue pushing.

#5 The marketing and hunting begins.

You have to learn and know where your customers are hanging out. Be a part of their community and start building your reputation in their community.
Show your potential buyers how reliable you are and how you can help them out by giving away free and concerned advice. Be visible and build a valuable digital relationship.

When your prospect starts asking you about what you do that’s when you drop your one-liner pitch.

Your self-esteem and determination are very vital in this last step. It’s important to keep in mind and believe that you can do it. Your determination is what will keep you going.

Remember, all the concepts and steps I mentioned were proven effective and worked for many individuals like me. This is basically the pattern I used and how I am making money online right now.

In the next few weeks, I’ll publish a step-by-step guide on how you should start marketing yourself.

Tune in and subscribe to my youtube and facebook page! The theme of my posts and videos in the next few weeks will contribute to your newfound career path.

As much as possible I’ll publish references that are good from A – Z.I’m excited for you!

If you’re ready to jump into the gig economy, I’d love to know you!
Feel free to connect with me, share who you are and what you currently do. See you in the comments!

To the moms who will settle for nothing less than what their kids deserve…

To the moms who will settle for nothing less than what their kids deserve…

The most underestimated factor in one’s parenting life that could be a major game changer.

Did you know that expense is always cheaper when you don’t need it yet?

Just like If you have booked an airline ticket months before your trip instead of a week before you would have saved some money.

Or buying real estate properties at relatively low prices during its pre-selling stage compared to RFO (ready for occupancy) units.

You win when you plan ahead.

You are able to map out your life in an intentional way when you see things from afar and when you have enough time to prepare for it.

Same scenario in our kids’ education.

Would you want your kid to have the power of choice in selecting their school for higher education?

Back then, were you given the privilege to choose which school you want to go to?

If not, then I suggest you read on because I have something to tell you…
As a parent like me, you are no longer accountable for yourself alone, your children depend on your mindful decisions. Please remember that.

Speaking as a wealth and financial management professional, if you want what’s best for your children, I recommend you strategize their future ahead of time through effective financial planning.

The most basic yet the most important need of our children is education.

Do you want to send your kids to reputable schools?
After a few years, can you confidently say “I can afford it” Without hesitations?
Did you have uncertainty saying yes to that second question?

If so, read on and I’ll give you facts.

Affordability has a lot to do with cost. 
So, allow me to delve into the cost of a college education at present. n my research, college tuition in the Philippines nowadays has an average of 150K up to 500K per year.

college tuition in the philippines

Commission on higher education or CHED is allowing for a 10% to 12% escalation rate per school year as applicable. If we use a 10% increase at 150K baseline, that would total to almost 700 thousand pesos altogether for a 4-year course.

Notwithstanding other costs like books, uniforms, projects, etc.
Now, supposing you planned for your child’s college funding 16 years ago when your kid was only 2 years old, do you know how little would you have spent then?

Instead of shelling out 700K altogether to pay for college tuition fee at present, you only needed to set aside about 200K to over 300K and put it in an investment platform that would have earned you around 4% to 8% of interest per anum.

This would have grown to about 700K in 16 years in time for your child’s freshman year at age 18. There are even schemes that would enable you to set aside money in an installment basis, instead of a one-time investment, allowing for better affordability.

Obviously, this outcome cannot happen in a bank deposit so that is never an option for your long-term goals such as a college plan.  The only value that the bank offers is liquidity, nothing more.

We can talk this over coffee if you like! Just let me know by RSVPing here.

Education can set your children up for life, hence, worth preparing for. It can either make or, the lack of it, break them. That is why for the same reason, it is scary to just leave its fate to chance or just go with the flow. Do not succumb to the unknown when you can control the outcome.

Gift them the power of choice.

You will never know if your child could be the next genius of his or her generation.

Empower them by ensuring their future until their dreams have come to fruition.

Cheers to smart ladies like us!

If you don’t know what you are doing and where you’re headed

If you don’t know what you are doing and where you’re headed

Social Media made you a worrisome individual.

You might find yourself having a midlife crisis or too old crisis. Because that other digital friend of yours have already “made it”.

You focus your energy on scrutinizing their life and feeling sad about yours.

You’re not alone.

A few years ago, when I was still working in the BPO world I was always fascinated by how operation managers earn up to six figures a month.

When I resigned and became a freelancer, I was always dreaming of earning six figures monthly while working from home.

Then I aspired to become an entrepreneur where I’d have more time for me, and my family and still get business done. 

Now, since I discovered I was pregnant, I feel the need to have more time for my family than just myself and career. 

Wow. By looking at this timeline of mine, you’d wonder, will this ever-changing “wants in life” stop evolving? Will this go on and on and on? Will I change what I want in life again?

The answer is yes if you are a multipotentialite like me and no if you’re that type of person who’s living comfortably and has 100% contentment in life.

Tell you what. I’ve changed my goals sheet more than twice in a year last year and have changed twice since this year!

The things I want in life evolve and doesn’t go stale but before you go wow you are achieving all your goals now.

Not really. Not everything. 

What to do when you feel lost?

I skip on some items when I don’t feel like going the extra mile to get them.

And that is okay.

I don’t worry about it as long as I still manage to achieve at least 30% of what I’ve written in my goal sheet according to the timeline I made.

You see I planned to launch this blog YEARS ago.

I designed it. I planned what to put in here. I changed the blog name more than thrice.

And I didn’t get to achieve the blog stats I’ve always wanted.

Until one day, in just one day, I finished everything. From logo to theme and the design. I remember spending less than an hour doing it all. And here I am, I published my first ever post.

So what am I trying to say?

Don’t hold off your dreams/goals. Put it in your queue tab. Once your heart and everything else around you is ready, you will start finishing it all off. Nothing can stop you from getting what you’ve been meaning to achieve.

Just make sure you write them all down so you won’t ever forget ❤️

Cheers to achieving goals!

Hope to see you around the blog where I post everything that I’m interested in.