How Freelancers Can Maximize Twitter For Business

How Freelancers Can Maximize Twitter For Business

Have you ever tried both inbound and outbound strategies to get clients for your services? Today, I’m giving you an outbound strategy. Read on and find out how you can maximize Twitter for business.

The thing about freelancers is that work comes and goes. While we all love the flexibility and freedom to select the work we want or the people we work with, it is not always easy to market your services.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I remember when I was starting out and literally depended on platforms like Upwork and Onlinejobs.ph where I kept on bidding to get more gigs. It was exhausting.

Today, I own businesses that make me work closely and coach freelancers, and the sentiment I hear most about is marketing their services or business. I understand this challenge because I walk the same path too in my own career as Social Media Strategist. The challenge is far more difficult when you’re starting to scale your business from a one-man operation to a small agency.

Back in the old days, businesses would have to spend large amounts of money and set up a team to roll out marketing campaigns. Thanks to the power of the internet and social media, even solo freelancers like you can now market his or her services at fraction of a cost –- and sometimes for free! And with this article, I’ll teach you the simplest way to maximize Twitter for business in order to market your services.

First things first

The problem that I see with other freelancers utilizing Twitter and other social media platforms is that they are more concerned about just creating a post. They set a schedule, think of a related resource, type a few lines and hit send. This is just a bad case of doing the grind, but I tell you it won’t take you anywhere –- at least not for your business.

Aim for quality. All the time.

Why is it important to take a few moments of your time to plan your tweets well? If you’re a social media baby I am quite sure you feel desensitized with all the irrelevant noise that’s been happening out there. You took the time to check your notifications and feed, only to be frustrated because nothing’s relevant is out there for you to read or learn from. Long before you get that one post that would interest you, you’ve gone tired already and left.

Now think for a second about your target customer or client to be feeling this way too. They are looking for a freelancer with your skills just as you are looking for them to hire you. Problem is, you are both looking for each other in a very noisy and crowded space. So what do you do? You make it easy for them to find you, like you, trust and hire you. And that is the value of quality tweet posts every single time.

It could be a good quote, a value nugget like a bit of short advice, a nice inside joke where you showcase your longevity in the industry, or a tactic you recently used that worked for you.

Time to strategize

Freelancers are busy people, yet operate like true blue businessmen. You market your service, negotiate, do the work, deliver, bill and get paid. It’s a cycle. And marketing is the lifeblood of your business, you just can’t afford the hit and miss. Regardless whether you utilize all the free and portals out there or all types of social media you could think of if you’re not doing it right no suitable work flows in. And this is where strategizing your Twitter post comes in handy.

You should know exactly what is relevant to post, who you are sharing this to and what you want your audience to do afterwards. Say we make a quick formula out of that statement and we’d have:

Relevant post + right audience + call to action  =  clicks, retweets and mention

Now take that now as a mental formula or equation that you need to adhere to. Take any one of those factors away and the formula might not work. Let this now be the foundation of the ongoing strategy for any of your social media posts. Remember always that the right post helps you as a freelancer to:

  • Create a strong brand 
  • Get your contents promoted and shared
  • Build industry authority
  • Boosts your site’s SEO

Rolling it all out

So now that you know the value of a quality Twitter post, let me show you how to craft a post based on who you are targeting.

We first start by properly identifying your target audience that represents your target client. As a freelancer, you may have an umbrella service-targeting different clients in a segment. Know that while your service may be treated as a singular type, different clients would have a different use for it. And where their needs differ, so should your pitch to them.

Your post is much the same way. You can’t have one idea and assume that it applies to all of your target audience. It may resonate to some, but not all. That is why you need to craft your post with each target audience in mind and speak in the language they can understand.

Let me illustrate . . . 

Say for instance you are a freelancer doing social media marketing for local food service business, and your mastery applies to service these types of clients: restaurant owners and bakeshop owners. Just the titles of these 2 types of business owners alone tell you that they have a different persona. So in order to maximize your Twitter post, you need to follow this strategy:

Profile each target audience and create their persona; then find the best matching hashtag used by those 2 groups.

Profiling them would give you a better picture of how they are perceived in their industry, and what matters to them in their line of work. By properly matching each group with a hashtag, you narrow down the specific audience you want to attract to your content.

Start crafting your tweet base on your audience persona.

When you do this, answer this question: “Is this content important to my audience? What would I say to make them read this?” 

You just need to try a few lines in paper until you get it right. If you know your target audience too well, you’ll know what post will resonate to them. For now, let me show you how this is done.

Say you’re sharing an excellent resource to your audience that you have written as a blog on your site. Your title link in this example is: “3 Easy ways to increase customer count”

Your captions therefore will turn out to be something like this:

Target: Restaurant Owners

Caption: Losing customers? Here are simple 3 ways you can bring them back!”

Target: Bakeshop Owners

Caption: Have no idea how to attract more customers? Here are 3 easy steps you can do right away!”

Once you’re done with a well-crafted post, it is now time to tweet that message. But work doesn’t stop there; you’ve got to monitor audience activity on that post and actively join the conversation. Better yet start the conversation yourself and invite your audience to engage. Have an original hashtag with the topic on it if you want.

It is fun to leverage the power of social media if you know how to use to your advantage.

The amount of extra work does not outweigh the impact it can bring to your business. If you follow this simple strategy you’ll see better results in each of your Twitter posts…and better freelance gigs to boot! Good luck!

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