5 Eye-Opening Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Start Building Your Own Agency

5 Eye-Opening Signs That Tell You It’s Time To Start Building Your Own Agency

Every freelancer’s dream is to start building their own agency.

And I bet, you who are reading this now is very much eager to veer away from being an all-in-one game master. Right?

But sometimes it’s hard to decide on which is more terrifying: Staying cool and working on your own while literally losing your shit and messing up the entire project – with only you as the person who knows about it OR leading a team only to be caught that you are not really good at what you do base on all the  posts you’re making on social media and everywhere else…

Talk about fears, huh?

OK, before you admit your little secrets, let me point out one thing. This is not an article to insult your capabilities but is a guide for you to start living the life you’ve always wanted.

More money for you.

Less work for you.

More fun and playtime for you.

And by the end of this article, you’re going to learn the first three steps you need to take to begin shifting from a soloist (freelance loner) to managing an orchestra (agency). 

You’ll learn that it only takes a few little tweaks and extra processes to start managing your own small agency in less than 7 days.

Even I struggled to do it by myself and was hesitant to build my own team because I had trust issues. I don’t think anyone could work like me with the same strategies and tastes I have.

But it only took me a little mindset tweak to understand what I could do to end that.  Thanks to my business partner, good friend, and business mentor, Karla Singson. I’ve realized that the signs were pretty clear.

I must start my own agency! Otherwise, I would have lost it.  So here are 5 Eye-opening signs that tell you it’s time to start building your own agency:
( Exactly the same signs I’ve experienced myself. )

You’ve become unsystematic.

I’m Obsessive Compulsive (OC). Even though I am, I got to a point where I’ve got lots of scrambled things on my plate. I tend to hold-off on organizing some files I save on my drive until it gets piled up. Guilty? Don’t be, it’s a sign.

You keep ‘collaborating’ with other freelancers.

I have some serious issues on hiring and giving away my peace of mind. I collaborate with the ones who have established their personal brands already instead. Regardless if hiring the best will leave me with little revenue from my client projects. And it’s bad for business because remember NET REVENUE is far more important than SALES only.

You work more than you sleep.

I worked for 16 hours a day doing everything by myself before… plus 2 hours for my kid and me time, then sleep. That’s twisted and my workstation was only beside my bed! That made me lose more sleep! Seeing the PC made me want to work work work work work.

You have a side project you want to start and grow but you don’t want to lose your current source of cashflow now.

It all came to a point where I wanted to go back to what I’ve always been passionate about and that is helping others. I got tons of inquiries about how I do my work and I wanted to be able to share what it is and duplicate myself to others. But I didn’t want to sacrifice my cashflow. So I had to do something about it.

It starts to feel like a job and the tasks drain you.

You are more exhausted than before because you are covering every single client demand including tasks you hate. In my experience, I was covering strategy, assets creation, to implementation. I wasn’t focusing on my strengths. That’s why it started making me feel like what I had wasn’t something where I’m the boss of my own but felt like a regular job.

So if you’re hitting 3 out of 5, you seriously have to get started on shifting from soloist to managing a team.

Listen to these solid tips and facts from 2 experts that will make you realize that it’s really your time  to start building your own agency

Running your own agency means you can focus more on doing what you do best. If you are great at strategizing, then focus on that… Hire others to do the more admin tasks that you don’t enjoy doing. You can grow an actual business that can scale. Not saying that freelancing can’t scale—but the ceiling of an agency is much higher. If you want to live a lifestyle where you have more control, start an agency. – Nix Eniego  

An agency is a team that is composed of a leader (often called the agency director) and different team members that serve a certain strength in the group so the service is delivered as high quality, as efficient, and as brand-focused as possible. A freelancer who collaborates with another freelancer, are two individuals who are collaborating based on the needs of a client. In the latter, there is no clear leader and they may choose not to work with each other after, but synergy can still be formed. That said, another advantage of an agency is stability in the eyes of a client. Agencies get to be trusted more because they are a well-oiled machine, not freelancers who may have personal reasons not to continue working on the project. – Karla Singson

Read on and you’ll get the top 3 major priorities to kickoff your new agency!

Here are some tips from Business Mentor and Revenue Maximizer, Karla Singson. On what to prepare for your transition to start building your own agency.

  • Form a sales team – First, I would say they should assure sales and a consistent flow of projects. If a freelancer wants to move to being an agency owner, they must know how to sell so they can have ongoing project for all hired employees and contractors (even if they’re white labeling).
  • Create your SOPs – Next step would be to come up with systems and SOPs–who will report to whom, who will do final approvals, who is in charge of every single thing and why.
  • Stand up and Prepare to Lead – Lastly, leadership should be constantly improved so that the team gets managed easily and everyone is motivated. Other steps one should also take are continuous skills upgrading, networking, and good positioning. 

You’ve probably already tried organizing a team but it didn’t work out and you ended up feeling more tired than ever. It’s not your fault! Transitioning could be very touched for the average person to continue.

Tell me what is the biggest challenge in your transition?
What’s stopping you from starting to build your own agency?

Why not get a mentor or start learning from someone who already did it? 

Karla Singson is holding her final 2019 workshop at Alabang with only a few spots left. 


This July 13, 2019, Karla will be teaching small business owners and freelancers-turned-business owners, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs how to…

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  • Often forgotten reasons why people buy
  • 8 kinds of proof that you need to show to make sales and marketing smooth

Karla will even throw in a basic lesson on simple investing!

I’ll be there too and that’s one of the reasons I’m vouching for it. We can have a little chat about your plans too!

Karla has mentored business owners nationwide. Most of the successful ones have gone through this training, so I’m sure you’ll find it very valuable.

When you put the techniques she’ll share with you, I’m sure you’re going to…

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