How to Invest in Yourself: the Smart Way

How to Invest in Yourself: the Smart Way

Learning to invest in yourself could lead you to a better life. Learn how through this guide

How many times have you heard thought leaders or successful people say this to you?

When you invest in yourself, does that only mean enriching your knowledge about a particular subject?

Is it all about learning new things?

A few years ago, I thought it’s all about learning new knowledge and buying books for myself…

Until I found myself all over the place!
I felt so stuck and asked myself if I’m doing things right.

You see I get bored right away. I tend to do things as fast as I could and make sure I have progressed or achieved my goal in 6 months.

After 6 months, if I didn’t make it, I need to veer away from that path because it’s not for me. I didn’t want to waste my time.

And that was the reason why I’ve had a long list of job experiences.
But then a thought occurred to me. If I keep going like this, I will end up nowhere… so I strategized and designed how I wanted my life to be.

Investing in yourself doesn’t only mean learning by books and tutorials. There are other components in self-investing to make it worth your while.
Today, I’ll give you the exact steps I took for myself.

How to Invest in Yourself: The Smart Way

Let’s start!

1. Determine your superpower.

Now, this is not some Marvel-DC crap I’m referring to. Every single person on earth has a unique gift. It’s your unfair advantage. These are your strengths that you can use in any aspect of your life. With your superpowers, you won’t ever feel like that particular job you’re doing is hard and unenjoyable. Because you’re using your natural gifts, you’ll love doing it and it won’t ever feel like you’re working ever again.

2. Develop a skill set that will amplify your strengths. Turn your strengths into a profitable superpower.

I won’t be a hypocrite and tell you that money is irrelevant in this subject because it is. Money can fuel your learning, moves, and will help sustain your basic needs. You should determine how to turn it your superpower into an income-earning gift. That way you won’t ever have to feel like you’re working again because you love what you’re doing and money is the bonus.

3. Find and create a pathway to your ideal lifestyle so you have a clear direction.

The number 1 thing that makes people slow down and get stuck is not having a sense of purpose and direction. So make sure to spend time designing your action plans so you have a guide of what you need to do. Doing things without a purpose will only waste your time. Write your ideal life and create a path towards that life. Be strategic. Determine what industry you’ll be in and start setting your goals.

4. Read more books about your chosen space and listen to mentors.

Now, this is the part where you’ve got to enrich yourself with knowledge. Learning doesn’t always mean reading or watching tutorials. You’ll also learn by doing. Experience things you’ve learned so you know how it feels and what’s at stake before adjusting to anything. Mentors give advice about their mistakes, learn from their stories.

5. Surround yourself with people, experiences, and things that contribute to your growth.

Spend your time with people who share the same goals and values as you are will give you motivated feelings. You should connect with other individuals. You need to talk to people who share the same path or who already took your path. When you belong in a community of the same values, you make your journey easier by not being alone.

Be strategic in your moves and actions and always look at the bigger picture! Don’t be too careless when designing and planning your life because you only live once. Handle it with Tender Loving Extra Extra Care. <3

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